Watch Care


·         Never adjust the date on your watch when it reads between 8pm and 3am. During this time period the gears of the mechanism are too close together and such a change could cause damage to the inner workings of your watch.

·         Keep your watch in a safe dry place.

·         Clean your watch with a soft, dry cloth and avoid abrasive materials such as cleaning agents. These materials may corrode and harm the outer plating of the watch. Have your case and professionally cleaned at least twice a year to prevent corrosion and exterior damage.

·         Thoroughly rinse your watch in fresh water, after exposure to salt water, and gently clean it with a soft, dry cloth.

·         Never wear your watch into a Jacuzzi, hot tub or sauna. The combination of extreme heat, water and steam may cause the watch to lose some of its water resistance.

·         In the case of a screw down crown, make sure to screw down the crown tightly before using the watch. If the crown is not screwed down properly, any exposure to water may cause leakage and damage to the watch.

·         Never use or adjust the crown, pushers or bezel while underwater.

·         Replace the watch gaskets every time the caseback is opened or the battery is changed. New rear seals protect the watch movement from water, dirt, grime and perspiration, and help maintain water resistance.

·         Have your watch pressure tested regularly. This ensures that the case, crystal, stem and crown are sealed properly to maintain water resistance.